Know more about us

It all started over a century ago with the aim of providing effective real estate closing, title insurance, and land title search services to customers in Howell and nearby areas. We have been serving (and doing so with distinction) the residents of Howell County for 114 years. Through all this time, we have kept alive our passion and commitment towards doing what is best for our customers at every turn. By keeping a single-minded focus on their needs, we have been able to carve a unique place for ourselves in the industry.

At Brill Title, we stick religiously to our core values of honesty, integrity, and creating a smooth process for all customers. What matters to us is the experience that customers have when dealing with us and whether that experience makes them happy or puts them off. And we put in every effort to make sure that they are happy and not put off.

Our land records go back to the very beginning of Howell County. This, combined with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals, helps us close all types of transactions well in time so that you can enjoy total convenience and peace of mind.